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FD200 Battery-Operated Digital Flowmeter $337.00
FM80 Variable Area Flowmeter $85.00
TT2210 Artisan™ Thermocouple Thermometer (Type J,K,T) $80.00
TT001 Low Cost Thermocouple Probe (Type K, J, T) $31.50
TR001 RTD Pt100 Probe $69.00
TS001 Solar Thermometer $32.00
TT001Ext Thermocouple Extension w/ mini connectors $23.00
FM80PL Plastic Direct Read Flowmeter $191.00
TL001-1pt-Sqr TL001 1-point Square 50pk $18.00
TL001-3pt-Vert TL001 3-point Vertical Strip 10pk $17.00
TL001-4pt-Micro TL001 4-point Micro 10pk $24.00
TL001-4pt-Horiz TL001 4-point Horizontal 10pk $21.00
TL001-5pt-Vert TL001 5-point Vertical 10pk $18.50
TL001-5pt-Clock TL001 5-point Clock 10pk $20.00
TL001-6pt-Horiz TL001 6-point Horizontal 10pk $19.00
TL001-8pt-Vert TL001 8-point Vertical 10pk $24.00
TL001-10pt-Vert TL001 10-point Vertical 10pk $26.00
TT002 Thermocouple (Type K,J,T) $44.40
TT002wire Flexible Insulated Wire Probe $17.50
SP200FO SP200 OEM Fixed-Flow Peristaltic Pump $67.00


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